North Dakota Food Freedom

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Proposed Rules

Click here to download a pdf of the proposed rules.

Please send in comments! If you enjoy making and selling homemade food, you need to send public comments to the Department of Health BEFORE October 12th. If you enjoy buying and eating cottage foods, you need to send public comments to the Department of Health BEFORE October 12th.

Comments should be sent to the ND Department of Health, Division of Food and Lodging, 600 East Boulevard Avenue, Bismarck, ND  58505-0200 or emailed to:

Hints for Writing Comments on Proposed Rules


You don’t need formal training to make comments. Just speak from your heart and tell your story.


The comment process is not a vote. One well-supported letter is often more influential than a thousand form letters.


Don’t feel you have to address every issue. Feel free to select the one(s) that concern you the most or that you understand the best and just discuss those.


If you disagree with a proposed action, suggest an alternative. Your alternative may include not regulating at all. Explain why the alternative might meet the same objective or perhaps be even more effective.


When possible, support your reasoning with sound science, data, facts or expert opinions. Well-reasoned support of your argument is more likely to influence an agency than a comment such as “Don’t do this.”


Consider including examples of the economic effects of rules especially if you have qualitative or quantitative data.


Commenting about how the proposed rules would impact you either positively or negatively can be helpful.


There’s no required length for comments. If you’d like to go through every line of the proposed rules and discuss, that’s fine. If you can sum up your comments with reasons in one paragraph, that’s fine, too.


Submit your comments to the correct address and on time.

            Division of Food & Lodging

            ND Dept. of Health

            600 East Boulevard Ave

            Bismarck, ND  58505-0200

OR email comments to:

 Comments MUST be RECEIVED BY Saturday, October 12th.

 Note: You may submit oral comments by calling 701-328-1291, but we recommend putting comments in writing.


Be sure to include your name and contact information.   


Comments may be typed or handwritten, but should be legible.