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SB 2269 - The Rewriting of Our Cottage Food Law
A Quick Synopsis

Thursday, February 7th - 8:30 AM
Senate Ag Committee
Roosevelt Park Room - Ground Floor, State Capitol

Be aware that the public may only enter through 
the south and east doors of the Capitol.
You'll be going through security.
Please allow extra time to find parking places and for the
security check.


Here’s a quick look at proposed changes. They include many of the items the Health Department attempted to accomplish through rulemaking until we challenged their authority to make rules.


This legislation would NOT allow the sale of:

1. Any drink products. No juices, lemonade, etc.

2. No refrigerated foods unless they could be transported frozen. No vegetable or fruit salad or any baked good that freezing would harm, such as a banana cream pie.

3. No food containing any type of meat. This despite the exemption elsewhere in the law for poultry products from birds raised and processed by a producer.

            4. No canned fruits or vegetables which are non-acidic. No canned beans or beets.

            5. No seed sprouts or garlic in oil.


The legislation requires:

            1. Additional labeling, including specific handling instructions.

            2. Eggs to be kept refrigerated.

            3. Specific moisture levels for dehydrated food.


Those selling fresh produce are also impacted. The current law allows you to sell fresh, uncut produce directly to restaurants. This bill strips out that language (page 4, lines 4-6) which opens the door for local health districts to regulate you again. Prior to passage of our bill in 2017, some local health districts required producers selling to restaurants be inspected.


This legislation also removes the provision that the Department of Health or a local health district may conduct an investigation after a complaint. I’m guessing that was deleted because they believe there is a low change of any illness associated with what they consider low risk foods.

This bill has been referred to the Senate Ag Committee. We don't have a hearing date at this time. Please check back each Friday by 5 PM to see if the hearing will be held the following week.

To read the legislation for yourself go to:

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