North Dakota Food Freedom

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New rules proposed by the ND Health Department will roll back virtually the entire cottage food law. The Health Department doesn't want you to produce any different foods than they allowed before passage of the Act. (Regardless of what the Legislature passed.)


Under the proposed rules:

  1. You can't cut up a vegetable for sale.
  2. You can't sell home canned goods without an approved recipe and then only if it meets pH guidelines.
  3. You can't dehydrate unless you have a check on the water activity level.
  4. "Frozen" is defined as zero degrees or less, so while they say they won't sting you if the kuchen is hard, you can bet someone, at some point, will be use a thermometer to check.


The only new things that would remain from the original bill are:

  1. Allowing producers to sell any type of poultry eggs
  2. Local health districts couldn't impose their rules. However, if the State Health Department succeeds in writing these rules, there's really nothing stopping a local health district from pushing the issue locally.


We urge you to read the law and rules for yourself.

Then comment AND attend the public hearings.

Come to our Facebook page, comment and Share.

Proposed Rules

The North Dakota Department of Health (DOH) is proposing new rules which drastically restrict the type of foods eligible for sale under Food Freedom. From now until April 4, 2018, they're taking comments on the proposed rules.

There will also be 3 public hearings to express your opinion in Dickinson, Bismarck and Fargo on March 22-23.

Once hearings are complete, DOH will compile the comments, and finalize proposed rules. That proposal will be submitted to the Attorney General and then the Health Council before May 1, 2018

If the proposed rules are approved by those two entities, DOH will forward the proposal to the Legislature's Administrative Rules Committee for review June 5, 2018. That committee has the power to make changes. If all passes, the new rules go into effect July 1, 2018 and have the force of law.

Proposed rules are on our website. We can beat back the proposal if each of us comments and convinces family members and friends to comment as well.

Below are the rules and hearing information. If you have trouble downloading them, please email us at: or use the Contact page and we'll email you a copy.

Here are the proposed rules.

How did your legislators vote?
We're in the season of District Party Meetings and State Party Conventions.

Please take time to once again thank those who helped...and talk to those who didn't.

Let them know how the Health Department is trying to expand their reach.

See our "About Us" page for a listing of the votes in the Legislature.