North Dakota Food Freedom

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Producers are listed by their address.
These products are made in a home kitchen that is not inspected by the state or local health department.  If you have questions about processing, ingredients, etc. be sure to ask the producer.
Sales may not take place until August 1st.
City : Bismarck
Your Name : Rebecca Lengenfelder
Website :
Facebook page : Cut the Cake
Phone : 7015272108
Email Address :

City : Chaseley

Your Name : Lydia R. Gessele

Farm Name : Proverbs 31 Farm,


Phone: 701-341-0976


Farmers Markets: Bowdon, Harvey, Carrington

Notes: We make homemade breads both as yeast or sourdough, cookies, brownies, bars, coffee cakes, German kuchen, Kolaches, pretzels and rolls. I use organic ingredients to make all of our products when and wherever possible. We have always made it a practice to list the ingredients used in our baked goods.

City : Harvey
Your Name : Keri Pedersen
Farm Name : Pedersenranch
Facebook page : Kerisbakingobession
Phone : 701-693-5080
Email Address :
Products Available : Baked Goods
Farmers markets where customers may find you : Harvey and Rugby
Notes : I currently offer several different types of baked goods from decorated cakes, cupcakes,standard to mini cheesecakes, mocha and dirtcake bars, brownies, and pumpkin bars. Also offer wedding kuchen and traditional kuchen. Will comply with dietary restrictions such as gluten and lactose intolerance.